The Storyline

The Storyline

Lets look at the monsters we will be using!
First we have a few orc encounters. Unfortunately this takes up about half of the Heroic Tier. After that the characters learn about an influence in the city of Sigle from the Far Realm entities. They are trying to get the villagers to preform a nasty ritual that will open a passage way from the Far Realm to Earth. The only way to stop it is for the characters to go to the city of doors, Sigel, and find Markell Nightwolf, an expert on the Far Realm entities and rituals.

After the orcs we will switch to the regular monsters on the way to Sigel and that should get the characters through the Heroic Tier.

In Paragon Tier the characters will be fighting off the Far Realm invaders to stop them from destroying the Mafia the PC’s made 5 years ago. After a failed attempt they regather and start attacking the city. The PC’s interfere again and the Far Realm Entities had it.

In the Epic Tier the characters find out something disturbing.The Far Realm Entities are attacking the empire in order to make Sigle fall!The characters interfere one more time and stop them for the last time hopefully,this takes them to the mid Epic levels


The Storyline
The World
The Organzations
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The Storyline

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